Airlines restrict the number of seats that can be purchased at a special fare. We guarantee that the fare you have searched for and booked will not change once you have completed your booking. Seats are subject to availability for certain fares, and restrictions such as length of stay, and travel dates, can change the overall price.
For all international travel a valid passport is required. In some cases, a visa may be required as well for the country of travel. Most countries prefer you to have at least 6 months validity remaining on your passport when you leave the country. For visas, please contact the relevant consulate or embassy for applications and process required. Please make sure to arrange this at your earliest possible time to avoid delays as visa processing times are based on minimum delay and can be extended if not all documentation is provided in time. Photo ID is the minimum requirement for travel on domestic flights in Australia. For travel outside of Australia, such as domestic European flights (within a single country), or domestic USA flights, please use your passport as identification as not all countries recognise the Australian photo identification.
Taxes and surcharges consist of government levies, and airline fuel surcharges, in addition to airport service fees which are payable for every ticket. Some airports, such as Bali, collect the departure tax upon departure which needs to be paid for prior to check in. Please check with your agent or the local relevant authorities if you would be subject to any additional taxes or fees.
For travel to the USA your baggage allowance is:
  • Economy Class: 1 piece of luggage / some Airlines allow 2 pieces
  • First/Business Class: 3 pieces of luggage
For travel to any other part of the world:
  • Economy Class: 20kg
  • Business Class: 30kg*
  • First Class: 40kg*
Some airlines occasionally have promotions where they will offer additional luggage allowances. Please check with the relevant airline that you are travelling with as aircraft size can also restrict the luggage allowance on your trip. Hand luggage is permitted at 7kg per person. Some airlines also allow you to take a laptop, briefcase, or hand bag in addition to this. Please check with the relevant airlines what your allowance is. *No more than 23kg can be placed in one suitcase. For luggage over 23kg 2 suitcases will be required. Every airline has different Baggage allowance. Before travelling we always recommend to contact Airline. Policy changes time to time.
Electronic tickets have been intruduce in 2008 to replace paper tickets.The benefit of having an electronic ticket is that if you do lose the print out which you had taken with you, you can always log in to the relevant website and print a new copy. It is not mandatory to carry this with you, although many airlines do request to have the electronic ticket number to assist them in processing your boarding pass, and to speed up your check in.
Most airlines have their own, or are part of another airlines, frequent flyer program. Generally membership is free of charge although airlines can introduce or charge fees depending on the level of membership which you may be applying for.It is your responsibility to check with the airline whether a specific fare will allow you to earn frequent flyer points, and how many points you would earn at the end of a trip.
You can print your e-ticket my clicking on the link, which you received as the confirmation of your booking.
Please call our office on +1-201-844-2324 and speak to one of your consultants. Please be advised that inmost cases a fee will be charged for any changes in your travel.
Some tickets are non refundable, please view the fare rules on the ticket when purchasing online or ask the consultant at the time of purchase. Please be advised that cancellation charges may apply.
It may take up to 4-6 hours for your ticket to be issued; in urgent cases we will issue the ticket immediately. Normally your booking will go in a queue to be ticketed.